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Letters: Info needed about lane swim etiquette in Richmond's pools

A Richmond News reader has some words of advice about people's behaviour in the city's pools

Dear Editor,

Richmond is the beneficiary of a new, top-level aquatic facility.

However, the local Recreation Department has yet to develop a set of rules for lane swimming etiquette.

Lane swimming etiquette helps to make sure that everyone who uses the pool can do so — safely and enjoyably. One may think that common sense could dictate such things, but, as with elsewhere in life, common sense is not always common. 

I note that there are two “messaging cones” at the new Minoru pool, which outline pool etiquette. It’s a good start but is not overly helpful for the following reasons: there is way too much information on a small physical area on the cones.

 There are at least 26 messaging cones and sandwich boards on the pool deck. With that number of cones and signs demanding attention, people simply ignore them, as is human nature. 

The pool etiquette rules should be posted as signage on the walls at the end of each of the lane swimming pools. They can be posted on the pool’s website  in multiple languages.

Finally, a leading-edge recreation department would make an online video presentation showing how to use the pool safely, and swim with consideration of others.

Frank Fowlie