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Letters: How is David Eby a racist, Ms. Wat?

A Richmond News reader is calling out Richmond MLA Teresa Wat for branding BC's attorney general David Eby a racist
Richmond MLA Teresa Wat

Dear Editor,

Recently, I read an article in the news that Richmond MLA Teresa Wat accused BCNDP MLA David Eby as a racist for what he said about a housing study done by Andy Yan who himself is of Asian ethnicity.

As someone who is of Asian ethnicity myself, I find it extremely sad that the MLA in my riding would use racism for political gain.

There has been zero evidence that Mr. Eby is a racist or has ever used racial slurs of any kind in his time in office or outside politics.

The so-called study in question was only describing housing market statistics. Not once were there any anti-Asian statements/ideologies written in it. Yet, Ms. Wat decided to use this to blatantly accuse an opposing MLA of being a racist?

I now ask Ms. Wat how exactly is that racist? Does Ms. Wat have any evidence/substantial proof that Mr. Eby is a racist?

Ms. Wat constantly tells the media she is against racism of any kind, but instead of doing actual work to fight racism, she uses racism to gain some political points over her opponent.

I am astounded that a person of colour would do that, especially the MLA of the highest Asian ethnicity based city in B.C.

I hope Ms. Wat can realize the harm in her words and not take racism lightly or ever use racism for political gain because racism is real.

It is extremely harmful to falsify racism claims because that undermines what “anti-Asian racism” or any kind of racism is about.

If Ms. Wat is reading this, as a resident of Richmond who is of Asian ethnicity, I do hope you would retract your accusations and do better in the future in tackling racism because racism is real. It’s not a joke and shouldn’t be used for political gain or ever taken lightly, period.

Carlos Yee