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Letters: Hate and intolerance has no place in Canada

A Richmond News reader finds hypocrisy in MP Kenny Chiu's latest Pride Week post
Love Win signs placed outside MP Kenny Chiu's office

Dear Editor,

As Pride just finished in Richmond, I couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy from MP Kenny Chiu. He shared a Pride post and said:

” Happy Pride Week Richmond. This week we come together as a community to celebrate our diversity and recognize the importance of creating an inclusive environment for all Canadians”.

This is coming from the same person that voted no to ban conversion therapy and by the same person that was quoted saying in a Press Progress article, “Sadly, Canada has ‘evolved’ into an all-tolerant; all accepting; fully embracing liberal country” and “Today in Canada, simply disagreeing to the claim that homosexuality is normal can result in crucifixion.”

Richmond voters elected Kenny, even though he once sat on the board of the Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford that deemed homosexual activities inappropriate.

Then even after he is elected, he is given the diversity, inclusion and youth file.

This is simply terrifying. I am extremely proud to hear that members of Kenny Chiu’s youth group left after he voted no against the bill restricting conversation therapy.

These youth are leaders and I hope they reach out to help get a candidate they believe in elected Richmond.

When the vote was announced that MPs Kenny Chiu and Alice Wong voted No against restricting conversion therapy, I got a few kids together and they made signs and placed them outside of Kenny Chiu’s office. Signs that said Love Wins.

The signs were immediately taken down.

It’s critical that we teach our children that hate and intolerance has no place in Canada.

With a federal election looming, I ask all Richmond residents, please do your research.

Vote for candidates that want Canada to be a more just, inclusive, and equitable and sustainable country.

Karina Reid