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Letters: Guns or cars, which is more dangerous?

Richmond News reader is taking the editor to task over her view on gun control
Six police SUVs raced to the scene of shots being fired at snow geese from this mansion on No. 4 Road at Steveston Highway in Richmond last year

Dear Editor,

Re: “Shooting proximity raises questions,” Column, Jan. 14.

In your recent column about a gun murder, you said “many” innocent people have been “taken out” by stray bullets.

To say “many” is a gross exaggeration from the statistics I’ve seen. I’d say more people have died by drowning than by stray bullets. Do they even keep serious statistics on stray bullets?

What’s with you and this anti-gun attitude? Did you have a relative who was killed by a bullet — stray or aimed?

I’ve discussed the insurance angle with an insurance agent and he told me that the cost of insurance for gun owners is much lower than the cost of similar insurance for car owners.

So, who does the insurance company/s think it is the most dangerous?

It seems to me they are the best people to know that — not an emotional woman reporter who’s biased.

G. Simpson