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Letters: Former councillor should pay for $716,500 by-election

A Richmond News reader says by-election fees should not be taxpayers' responsibilities when councillors leave mid-term
Photo: Glacier Media file photo

Dear Editor,

Re: “By-election to cost taxpayers $716,500,” News, Feb. 25.


I find it disturbing and unacceptable that taxpayers are expected to fund a by-election to fill the void when a city councilor vacates his or her seat mid-term in order to run for a position in a higher level of government. 

Admittedly, there are times when vacating a seat for unforeseen events, such as health problems or personal emergencies, is understandable and acceptable, but leaving in order to further a career is not one of them.  When a person is elected to city council it is incumbent on them to honour and respect the people who voted for them by fulfilling their term of office.

If they decide to step aside mid-term for what they consider to be a better job, they should be the ones responsible for the cost of the by-election they have precipitated.  In not doing so they are showing disrespect to their electorate and leaving a trail of debt for us as taxpayers to pay for.  

Ralph Turner