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Column: B.C Liquor Store wine recommendations and buying strategies

Seven wine recommendations to try this month
BC Liquor store wines
Each month, B.C. Liquor Stores has many great deals on sale. Here are 2 of the wines on sale this month.

We are fortunate in B.C. to have a huge selection of wines that are available for us to purchase locally. Each month, B.C. Liquor Stores have a different selection of wines on sale. Usually, B.C. Liquor Stores have a few hundred wines on sale in any given month. So if you are adventurous and are open to trying a variety of different wines, there is really no need to buy wines that are not on sale. These savings go a long way and allow you to try a diverse array of wines.

Each month, I look at what B.C. Liquor Stores have on sale and decide what I would like to buy or try. Here are a few suggestions for this month. All these wines will be on sale until July 3, 2021, while quantities last, of course.

Beringer 2018 Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Beringer is a well-known California wine producer and this wine is from the Knights Valley region in Sonoma County.  It is a blend but primarily made with the Cabernet Sauvignon grape.  Beringer’s wines are consistent in quality, so I would take advantage of the big reduction in the price of the wine this month from $46.99 to $36.99

Penfolds 2018 Max’s Cabernet Sauvignon

Want something even more affordable?  Try this wine from the Australian wine giant Penfolds.  This wine is named after Penfold’s famous former winemaker Max Schubert.  Although Australia may be famous for its Shiraz wines, Cabernet Sauvignon was grown in Australia well before Shiraz became popular.  It is another stunning deal this month, as it is on sale from $29.99 to $19.99.

Clos de los Siete 2017

How about some Argentinean Malbec?  This is a collaboration of a number of local Argentinean wineries who created this wine from grapes grown from each of these individual vineyards.  It is on sale this month from $26.99 to $24.99.

Mazzei 2016 Chianti Classico Ser Lapo

Who doesn’t like an affordable, quality Chianti? This wine is made primarily from the Sangiovese grape and is aged in oak for 12 months before release.  Make sure you check the vintage and get the 2016 vintage, not the 2015 vintage, which scored much lower with a leading wine magazine.  The 2016 vintage is on sale from $32.99 to $28.99.

Cloudy Bay 2020 Sauvignon Blanc

This wine is the best expression of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and is very affordable given the quality of it.  Last year in 2020 was a banner year for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and this will be a wonderful wine to pair with seafood.  It is on sale this month from $36.99 to $33.99.

Topiary 2017 Chardonnay

Are you feeling adventurous?  Take a shot with this South African white wine made by Burgundy winemaker, Philippe Colin. South Africa has a great climate and soil to make white wines, so with the added experience from a French winemaker, this should be an exceptional wine.  It is on sale from $39.99 to $32.99.

Bolla 2019 Soave Classico

I have mentioned this wine before.  It is already an affordable wine, but this month, it is on sale from $13.99 to $10.99.  You can’t go wrong with Soave Classico, especially on a hot summer day.

There are hundreds of great buys at B.C. Liquor Stores each month that are on sale.  For more recommendations for this month, see my YouTube video.

Until next time, happy drinking!

Tony Kwan is the Richmond News' new columnist. Lawyer by day, food and wine lover by night, Kwan is an epicurean who writes about wine, food and enjoying all that life has to offer.