Steveston men line street for a haircut

Clearly, there are many people in Steveston in dire need of getting their locks trimmed.

According to Iain Mackelworth, one man was waiting outside his Steveston Barbers shop at 6:40 a.m. to be his first customer in two months since the pandemic shuttered all of its ilk.

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And by 9 a.m., the line-up was 15-deep along Chatham Street, with people of all ages, shapes and sizes, eager to see that shaggy look disappear.

By 11 a.m., Mackelworth said the line – unlike his customers’ hair - was starting to “thin out” a little, but that he expected a “second wave” later today as news gets round of his re-opening.

He said the shop has implemented a “ton of new protocols” to keep customers and staff safe, including not using the same equipment (including gowns and neck brushes) twice without them being sanitized.

“We started putting these together several weeks ago actually, in preparation for this,” Mackelworth told the Richmond News.

“We have a great video on our Facebook page that explains everything we’ve done.”

The shop will allow just three people in the waiting room at any one time, with only four barber chairs in operation.

He said there would, however, be no beard trims, which is one of Steveston Barbers’ signature services.

Mackelworth said his first batch of customers were in good spirits, as was he and his staff.

“Everyone seems very pleased to see us. It feels good (to be open again), I’m loving every minute of it,” he added.

Mackelworth said the shop is asking its customers to wear a face mask, adding they can supply one, at a cost, if they don’t have one on them.

Steveston Barbers was one of many salons and restaurants expected to re-open today, as B.C. officially moved into “phase 2” of its COVID-19 pandemic plan to kick-start the economy.

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