Richmond residents woken by heavy police presence in quiet street

A heavy police presence in the early hours of Saturday raised the alarm for a few residents of a quiet street in Richmond’s Cambie neighbourhood.

People living on or near Deerfield Crescent – close to No. 5 Road and Highway 91 - were woken by the sound of what appeared to be armed police surrounding a detached home on the street.

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According to one resident who contacted the Richmond News, police “besieged the house and arrested the occupants after a stand-off that lasted about an hour.”

The resident added that the arrest involved several marked and unmarked police cars, numerous armed officers, an emergency response team (ERT) and the K9 unit.

According to Richmond RCMP, the operation was part of an ongoing Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) operation and, as such, couldn’t comment further.

A spokesperson for IHIT confirmed to the News the operation was, indeed, theirs but was unable to provide more details.

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