Replacement of Richmond’s Minoru turf field underway

The sports field at the Minoru Oval, one of the city’s busiest, is getting a makeover.

Preparations began this week to replace the field's artificial turf, which requires that 10,000 square metres of the field be resurfaced.

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As a result, use of the Minoru track will be “slightly” affected during construction, according to the city. The resurfacing will be complete in September.

The first step of the project is site preparation and construction fencing.

For the duration of the work, track use will be affected by a plywood “bridge,” which will be installed across the eight track lanes, next to the grandstand.

The bridge will allow heavy equipment to enter and exit the work zone from the east side of the track, however, it will prevent track users from being able to run or walk around the entire track.  

The city says the remaining track surface will be divided into a one-way course:

  • People will proceed in a counter-clockwise direction in four lanes, then the course turns around at the plywood bridge near the grandstand, to proceed in four lanes in a clockwise direction.
  • Signage, fencing and directional arrows have been added to ensure people are able to continue to use the track surface while maintaining physical distancing. Signs have also been posted around the track and field showing the one-way routes that are to be followed.

The existing field surface is 12 years old and has exceeded the typical 10-year life span of artificial turf fields, according to the city.

After 10 years, the turf layer and shock absorbency start to break down due to wear and tear.

Therefore, the replacement work will also include a new shock pad – a shock absorbance under layer – which will absorb the impact energy from, for example, running.

The existing infill on the field will also be replaced with a new thermoplastic elastomers infill, a cleaner alternative to recycled rubber tire granules, according to the city.

The city said the project is weather dependent, meaning there could be delays to the work if it rains more than usual this summer.

Updates will be provided on the city’s social media channels. For more information, email or call 604-244-1208.

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