More flights through Vancouver flagged for COVID-19 exposure

The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) has updated its list of public COVID-19 exposures, issuing warnings for nine additional flights through Vancouver.

Alerts were issued for both domestic and international flights.

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The affected flights are:

  • Aug. 21: WestJet flight 706 from Vancouver to Toronto (affected rows: 22 to 28)
  • Aug. 23: Air Transat flight 932 from Toronto to Vancouver (affected rows not reported)
  • Aug. 25: Lufthansa flight 492 from Frankfurt to Vancouver (affected rows: 34 to 40)
  • Aug. 26: KLM flight 681 from Amsterdam to Vancouver (affected rows: 31 to 38)
  • Aug. 28: Air India flight 1143 from Delhi to Vancouver (affected rows not reported)
  • Aug. 29: Flair flight 8417 from Vancouver to Fort McMurray (affected rows: 15 to 21)
  • Aug. 29: Air Transat flight 931 from Vancouver to Toronto (affected rows not reported)
  • Aug. 30: Air Canada flight 251 from Edmonton to Vancouver (affected rows: 18 to 24)

Information on affected rows is included on the list when it’s available.

While the BCCDC says that people seated in the affected rows should be considered to be at higher risk of exposure to the virus, the agency recommends that anyone who was on the flight self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days.

People arriving in Canada from outside of the country are required to self-isolate and monitor for symptoms for 14 days under the federal Quarantine Act.

The full list of flight exposures can be found on the BCCDC’s website.

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