Kudos: Richmond sisters donate care packages to unsung heroes

Two Richmond sisters had no shortage luck when they received a grant to help support the unsung heroes at Richmond's healthcare facilities during COVID-19.

Chloe and Brooklyn Sequeira were more than elated when they found out they were the recipients of Richmond Cares Richmond Gives’ Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant, which was used to create care packages for Richmond's unsung heroes.

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“The unsung heroes are not only doctors and nurses from behind the frontlines, but custodial staff, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists and office administrators,” said Chloe.

“These people work hard to take care of everyone as well as doing COVID-19 testing in the community.”

A total of 124 care packages were donated – each included lotion, granola bars, chocolate, powdered Vitamin C and coconut water – to the unsung heroes working at the Richmond Hospital and the Richmond Public Health building.

Along with the packages was a self-published book that Brooklyn wrote called Saving Society from COVID-19.

“The story is about me and my friend donating packages to healthcare workers, but the character is my best friend instead of my sister,” said Brooklyn, adding that the book is like a “gift of thanks” from the community.

“We wanted to show that we care about the workers who may not necessarily be the doctors or nurses we saw on T.V.”

In addition, a group of friends, teachers and students from Howard Debeck Elementary School contributed close to 55 pieces of art to create posters for both health facilities.

“This project was our way to show how much we appreciate these unsung heroes and how we hope to build our community during this difficult time.”

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