Illegal eyewash and drops being sold at Richmond store: Health Canada

Health Canada is warning consumers that a Richmond-based cosmetics store is selling unauthorized eyewash and eye drops, both of which could pose significant health risks.

Two types of eye drops are currently being sold at Richmond-based EJ Beauty, located near the River Rock Casino at 4000 No.3 Rd. The drops are labelled with prescription drugs that could have serious side effects.

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Sante PC eye drops contain neostigmine methylsulfate, while Sante FX Neo drops also contain a prescription drug called aminocaproic acid.

The same store is also selling “Kobayashi Aibon/Eyebon Eyewash,” advertised for use with contact lenses and to prevent eye disease is labelled to have aminocaproic acid as well.

According to Health Canada, aminocaproic acid is used to decrease bleeding in clinical situations. If an eye is exposed to aminocaproic acid, it may affect the eye itself and be absorbed through the tear ducts into the blood.

Side effects could include watery eyes, vision changes, headache, dizziness, nausea, muscle weakness and skin rash.

Health Canada adds that there are no approved eye drops containing neostigmine methylsulfate on the Canadian market.

According to the health authority, drugs similar to neostigmine were previously used to treat glaucoma. They’re no longer used however, due to possible side effects including blurred distance vision, frontal headaches, twitching lids, red eyes, cataracts, allergic reactions, iris cysts, retinal detachment and the potential for causing a specific type of glaucoma attack.

“Unauthorized health products have not been approved by Health Canada, which means that they have not been assessed for safety, effectiveness and quality and may pose serious health risks,” says Health Canada’s warning.

“They may contain ingredients, additives or contaminated ingredients not listed on the label. In addition, they may lack the active ingredients Canadians would expect them to contain to help maintain and improve their health or they may contain ingredients that could interact with other medications and foods.

“For all of these reasons, unauthorized health products could cause serious health effects. Selling unauthorized health products in Canada is illegal.”

Health Canada notes that some of these products may have labels written in Japanese and recommends stopping the use of these products immediately.

In February, Health Canada seized Kobayashi Aibon/Eyebon Eyewash from another Richmond health store.

The same items are also being sold at Pinky Floy in Burnaby.

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