Hundreds of Richmondites lined up for Uniqlo clothes

Hundreds of people lined up outside the Uniqlo store in Richmond Centre early Friday morning - just to get the latest T-shirt from an exclusive designer.

Demand for Uniqlo’s latest collaboration with American artist Kaws resulted in Black Friday-style shopping mania, with some customers queueing as early as 4:30 a.m.

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By 10:30 a.m. the line-up stretched at least 100 deep, with the store operating a 15 people-in, 15 out policy.

A short video went viral across social media this week showcased shoppers in China shoving and fighting with each other over the clothes.

But, unlike the pandemonium happening in China, dozens of people queued in orderly fashion, with some buying a large volume of the T-shirts.

Jeff Zhang, a student from Richmond Secondary school, had been waiting there for three hours, despite him not even being a fan of the designer.

"My friends have been talking about this new collection for a while and even some celebrities in China wear them. I think this might be a good gift for my mother and she could also be as fashionable as the young generation,” Zhang told the Richmond News.

There were some shoppers, however, who were there for the design.

“I love the design, and I almost got one sample of everything,” said Brayden Oie.

Oie arrived at the store at 7 a.m., but he wasn’t among the first people showing up.

A few shoppers waited in line to purchase clothes for their friends or family members.

A lady, who described herself only as Wang, told the News her friend couldn’t come because of work, so she came just to do a favour for a friend.

Another middle-aged man said his wife asked him to come, and he just followed the orders.

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