Health care networks coming to Richmond

Three health care networks will be created in Richmond – in the city centre, in west Richmond and in east Richmond.

Adrian Dix, the provincial minister of health, was in Richmond Thursday morning to announce the creation of three “primary-care networks.”

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The primary care network model that the B.C. government has been rolling out across the province will be implemented here as well over the next three years, with a recruitment of 70 new health-care providers, doctors, nurse-practitioners, pharmacists and other health-care workers.

The primary-care network is a team-based model to provide care from maternity care to end-of-life care.  

The goal is to have everyone in Richmond connected to a primary-care network.  The networks will have extended hours which include early mornings, evening and weekends, and provide same day access for urgently needed care. Health advice will be available either face-to-face or virtually.

The primary care networks will also provide care in the areas of mental health issues, substance use and preventative care.  

There will also be co-ordination of care with diagnostics, hospital care, specialty care and specialized community services for all patients and with a particular emphasis on those with mental health and substance-use conditions, those with complex medical conditions and frailty as well as surgical services provided in community.

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