Cannabis products can be paid for online to reduce time in stores

Cannabis products can now be ordered and paid for online, following changes to provincial rules, but they still have to be picked up from the retail store.

These amendments to cannabis retail store regulations came after retailers expressed concerns from customers in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Previously, customers could order cannabis products online, but they had to physically be at the store to pay and pick up their orders.

The amendments allow customers to order and pay via a website, app or by phone and then just pick up the products, thereby reducing their time in the retail store.

In-store pickup, however, is still required in order to check identification and retailers have to have an age-verification tool in their online purchasing system.

"(This change) supports public health and safety by reducing the amount of time customers need to spend in stores and allows them to remain physically distanced from employees and each other," said Attorney-General David Eby in a press release.

An additional change will permit cannabis-retail licensees with multiple stores to accept prepaid gift cards at any of that licensee's locations or through its online system, something that was previously restricted to the store where the gift care was bought.

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