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Richmond "ultra-thrower" breaks club record

Jody Cranston threw the giant 98-pound iron weight 11.5 feet
Richmond powerlifter Jody Cranston broke a record when he threw the giant 98-pound iron weight 11.5 feet

You may have heard the expression about a location being a “stone’s throw away”?

Well, a Richmond resident is taking that to a whole new level, after breaking a club record for throwing a giant iron weight a certain distance.

Jody Cranston won his masters division in the Ultra Throw Club Championships at McLeod Field in Langley last weekend, when he launched a 98 pound iron a club record 11.5 feet at the BC track and field sanctioned meet.

Cranston, a “Powershape” personal trainer who runs an “Iron Stone” outdoor workout, said that, due to the iron's sheer weight, the throw is “more strength-oriented than the other track and field throws.”

The all-day championship in Langley was the final throwing meet of the BC masters Track and Field season and included the shot put, discus, javelin and hammer throws.

“This is a great way to end the season - I am really looking forward to next year” said Cranston, who has been a powerlifter and competitive strength athlete for over 25 years.