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Photos: Kajaks athletes win gold at annual Richmond Harry Jerome track meet

Hundreds of athletes took over the Richmond Oval for the annual track and field event.

Eight Kajaks athletes won gold in the annual indoor track and field competition in Richmond.

Payton Rogers, Kayden Tan, Seylah Bains, Kouken Narbett, Siddharth Kadatare and Eric Chatten won first in their respective individual events and Chloe Chan and Sofia Varma-Vitug won first in the U16 girls' 200-metre relay.

Hundreds of athletes in B.C. gathered for the Indoor Harry Jerome Track Meet, which held more than 35 track and field events for young athletes, on Feb. 3 at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

The event is co-hosted by the Richmond Kajaks Track and Field Club and The Achilles International Track and Field Society and was founded in 2011 after the 2010 Olympic Games.

Kajaks results:

U16 Women

60m  - 1st     ROGERS, Payton 8.21 

300m – 2nd  ROGERS, Payton 45.38 


U16 Men

60m – 18th LY, Tyler ​ ​  8.42 

300m – 14th  LY, Tyler  ​​46.91

High Jump – 2nd  LY, Tyler ​1.45m


U18 Women

60m – 2nd​VARMA-VITUG, Sofia 8.14 


60m U18 Men

12th​ LAO, Willard ​​7.61 

13th​ BRIDSON, Arthur ​7.62

17th​ BURROWS, Nicolas ​7.75 

20th​ FOSTER, Miles ​8.04 

26th​ TOURVIEILLE, Paul ​8.62 


60m Open Men

14th​ OSBORNE, Keiran​7.45 

22nd​ NG, Aiden ​​7.57 

30th​ ERASO, Diego ​7.72 


60m Men 12yo

1st ​TAN, Kayden ​9.16  

2nd​ LY, Oliver ​9.22 

3rd​ CAO, Jasper ​9.30 

4th ​ VARMA-VITUG, Armaan ​9.43 


60m Women 10 yo 

1st​ BAINS, Seylah ​​10.18


60m Men 11yo 

6th​ CHAHAL, Jaan ​9.47 

60m Men 10yo

4th ​SHERGILL, Dean ​10.28


600m U18 Men

6th NARBETT, Kouken ​1:36.14 


600m Girls  12yo

10th  LAM, Alysha Hoi Nam ​2:10.54 


600m Mixed 10 and 11yo

4th VARMA-VITUG, Ashiana ​2:13.46

600m Boys 13 yo 

4th KADATARE, Siddharth ​1:52.31 

600m Boys 12yo

4th VARMA-VITUG, Armaan ​2:06.73 

6th CAO, Jasper ​​2:06.99 

600m  Boys 10yo

4th SHUTE, Ronin ​​2:20.47


1000m Men U18

1st​ NARBETT, Kouken ​3:00.16

1000m Men Open

2nd ​ KENNEDY, Zachary ​2:44.45


200m Girls Mixed 11 and 10 yr

6th ​BAINS, Seylah ​​34.76 

200m Boys 12yo

1st​ CAO, Jasper ​​32.23 

2nd​ VARMA-VITUG, Armaan ​32.25 

200m Boys 11yo

7th​ CHAHAL, Jaan ​32.61

200m Boys 10yo

3rd​ SHERGILL, Dean ​35.31 

4th​ SHUTE, Ronin ​36.44 


800m RaceWalk 13yo

1st​ KADATARE, Siddharth ​6:53.19


300m U18

9th​ WIJAYAKOON, Daymon ​40.42 

11th​ LAO, Willard ​​​40.88 

15th​ FOSTER, Miles ​​43.00 

16th​ TOURVIEILLE, Paul ​​43.42 


300m Open

5th​ ERASO, Diego ​​​38.42 


1500m Open

9th​ BRIDSON, Elliot ​​5:23.68


4x200m Relay 13yo mixed boys and girls

3rd​ Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 2:14.40 

1) LY, Oliver 2) GILL, Sahanna 3) VARMA-VITUG, Armaan 4) KADATARE, Siddharth


4x200m Relay 12yo mixed boys and girls

6th ​ Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 2:30.05 1(3) 

1) VARMA-VITUG, Ashiana 2) CAO, Jasper 3) SHUTE, Ronin 4)


4x200m U18 Girls

1st​ Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 1:56.44 

1) CHAN, Chloe 2) VARMA-VITUG, Sofia


800m SMR 12yo Boys and Girls

3rd​ Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 2:30.69 

1) CHAHAL, Jaan 2) TAN, Kayden 3) BAINS, Seylah 4)


Shot Put U16

5th​CHAN, Chloe ​​7.45m 

Shot Put 13yo

3rd​GILL, Sahanna ​​5.11m

Shot Put 12yo

2nd ​LAM, Alysha Hoi Nam ​3.90m


High Jump Open

1st​ CHATTEN, Eric ​​2.05m 

2nd ​WANNIARACHCHI, Kiran ​2.05m 

4th ​MAVER, Caidyn ​​1.95m

For full results, click here.

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