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Mandarins symbolize good luck

For the first time, an eight-foot tall mandarin orange tree is being displayed in City Hall this year for the Chinese New Year celebration.

Send nominations for Arts Awards

The City of Richmond is calling for nominations for the fifth annual Richmond Arts Awards.

Addictions agency appeals for ambassadors

Not only is Richmond's population aging, but an increased percentage of that elderly population is battling substance abuse, grief, mental health issues and loss of mobility.

Guilt factors when placing loved ones

Workshops designed to help caregivers deal with emotional turmoil of life-change

Casino boss learns cheeky cha cha for charity

Seven Richmond celebrities and their dance instructors have been busy tip-toeing their way across the hardwood since early January to help raise funds for the Richmond Hospice Association.

Children's Art Festival

The 5th Annual Childrens Art Festival on February 11th, 2013, at the Richmond Cultural Centre attract thousands of kids and parents to arts programs, children entertainers and all day fun.

Dealing with the guilt; workshops prepare caregivers for placing family members in care

Its something that we may all have to face one day the prospect of placing a loved one in residential care. Despite pacts made never to put each other into the hands of an elderly facility, many people find themselves in exactly that position.
Richmond realtor reduced to tears on African mission

Richmond realtor reduced to tears on African mission

A recent trip to Africa was an eye-opening, rewarding experience that Izabela Wasiela would highly recommend to anyone.

UPDATE: Second Richmond farmland protestor hit with lawsuit

A second farmland protestor has been served with a $25,000 lawsuit.

Richmond arts program exposes kids to new experiences

When Linda Shirley heard a school in her familys old neighbourhood was in need of assistance, she knew there was match to be done on the painting canvas and a number of other artistic areas.