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Hockey tourney helps feed students; Memorial event in its ninth year, parents' pain eases

It is said time is a great healer. Richmond's Lori and Michael Yelizarov know this well. It has been nine years since they lost their son, Noah, who died in 2004, just shy of his 19th birthday, after being electrocuted during a holiday in Thailand.

'Family' divided at Ikea: union worker

Dispute enters fourth month, no further talks planned

Rabbits wrapped in red tape

Delay has multiplied problem of remaining feral population at auto mall

Exceptional designs lauded

Buildings can too often be taken for granted, as we bustle through them either in a hurry to get inside or escape outside. However, a regional company has been recognizing extraordinary construction projects for the past 25 years.

'Metered' opposition urged

Those Richmond homeowners who have so far not signed up to have a wireless water meter installed on their property are being encouraged to stand their ground and oppose them. Thats the advice from Una St.

Quick off the mark

New Steveson-based lifeboat makes first rescue two hours after being delivered for service

Don't delay 911 calls, Richmond Fire-Rescue warn

Richmond Fire-Rescue officials are reminding the public to call them first before trying to fight a fire themselves. The message comes after a fire Friday evening in a townhouse complex in the 9500-block of No. 3 Road.

Record setting try-one word at a time

Public invited to be part of nursery rhyme relay at maritime festival

Aircraft design change unlikely to save more lives, Transportation Canada says

Changing the way aircraft are designed to save lives by limiting fires after plane crashes wouldn't be simple, nor would it be the most effective way to reduce aviation fatalities, a senior official with Transport Canada says.

GMO crop ban stalled

Last year, the City of Richmond made a groundbreaking decision to ban the growth of genetically engineered crops in the city.