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Linda McPhail, Chak Au new faces of Richmond City Council

The City of Richmond has a new council and school board. At 8:44 p.m.

Kids can learn top safety tips

Operation Kidsafe is coming to Richmond for a weekend of free child safety events. The event runs in conjunction with the Vancouver Police Department and provides top tips for both children and parents.
'Heartbreak' over co-pilot's death after Richmond crash

'Heartbreak' over co-pilot's death after Richmond crash

Hotels, office tower proposed

The City of Richmond is considering a plan to construct two hotels and a 12-storey office block in north Richmond.
Dreaming the poverty-free dream

Dreaming the poverty-free dream

Ten years ago, Richmonds Sally Houston had a dream that no local child would have to live in poverty. Houston is still working on that wish through her annual fundraiser, the Richmond Dream Auction.

Nowhere for voters to hide

Whatever your plans, wherever you plan to be on Saturday, there's a very good chance you'll run into a civic election polling station in Richmond.

Healer's patients get payout

The victims of a "holistic healer" who nearly killed a woman with arsenic poisoning will get some financial relief, thanks to the B.C. government.

Your 2011 trustee candidates

The following profiles have been submitted by the respective candidates. ROD BELLEZA RITE Rod Belleza is a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers and has a BA (Political Science) and LL.

Co-pilot, 26, dies

Matt Robic succumbed after 3 weeks in intensive care

Mountie facing hit and run charge

Off-duty cop allegedly impaired