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YVR baggage handler goes viral as TikTok sensation

Dj Sugue’s videos about working at the airport have garnered millions of views.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your checked baggage once you send it off? Dj Sugue’s TikTok videos have all the answers.

Sugue has worked at YVR since 2016, and he recently started documenting his life as a “ramp guy” on his popular TikTok account (@djsugue). From loading and unloading bags from the belly of a plane to dance parties in the locker room – you can experience a day in his life with a swipe of your thumb.

In fact, millions of people have done just that.

“I’ve always [liked] editing videos and stuff like that, and I would just post on YouTube for fun… So, one day I posted on TikTok and it just went viral,” Sugue told the Richmond News, adding that going viral was a humbling experience.

"I didn't expect it to blow [up] and then another video kept blowing up, and my parents always told me to stay humble and treat everyone the same."

Sugue thinks one of the reasons people enjoy his videos is that they get to look behind the scenes. One of Sugue’s most popular videos explains how dogs are loaded onto planes, which isn’t something many know about.

“The responses have been mostly great and it’s cool to see people from other companies doing it. But people would say ‘Oh you’re that TikTok guy’ or ‘Oh you’re that ramp guy’…

“But it’s great seeing people see what goes on behind the [scenes] because we really do try our best to get the passengers their baggage to their final destination,” said Sugue.

Behind the scenes of Sugue’s behind the scenes videos

Sugue’s process of creating TikTok videos is not as complicated as some might think.

“Every time we do a Boeing 737 airplane, I usually just hop in the bulk (the belly of the plane) and just start recording. But I usually just do the time-lapse which everyone likes. After that, I just add music and that’s it,” he explained.

All Sugue has to do for time-lapse videos is to press record and let the baggage roll in (literally) while he arranges them in a life-sized Tetris game.

Although Sugue has done a variety of TikTok videos about his job, he has his clear favourites.

“My favourite TikTok to make would be unloading a Boeing 737 airplane because you just have to unload [baggage]… And I’d say the dancing vids are great too because it shows how we can have fun at work,” he said.

However, not all videos make it onto the social media app due to workplace privacy and protocols.

So what’s next for TikTok’s favourite ramp guy?

“I love making videos, and I’m going to create more content about the airport job we have, and people are really interested too.

“Plus the world is opening up, so people might wanna come try and work at the airport. That’d be great,” said Sugue.