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Video of man tasered by police in Richmond shared on TikTok

He asked for it ... literally.
Man tasered in Richmond
A man was tasered by police in Richmond during an alleged domestic disturbance.

Warning: videos mentioned in the article contain adult language and may be disturbing to some viewers.

A video posted on social media showed a man appearing to be tasered after shouting continuously at RCMP officers in Richmond.

The TikTok poster by the handle "tasheroo" mentioned in the caption of the video that the incident took place in their apartment complex parking lot.

In the video, officers can be heard telling the man that he "was under arrest for public disturbance."

However, the man shouts back at an officer asking if they were going "to tase" him.

"Do it, no charge. Do it," he shouts repetitively at the police officer.

It then appears in the video that police use a conductive energy weapon (CEW), which is often called by the brand name "Taser," on the man. Popping noises can be heard, followed by the man falling to the ground twitching.

He then continues to yell and swear at the police while on the ground. A second video showed several RCMP officers carrying the man into a police cruiser parked nearby.

Richmond RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Ian Henderson told the Richmond News that the incident in the video may be associated with an ongoing domestic disturbance report that took place on May 29 near the 8700-block of Granville Avenue.

"During the course of the interaction with the parties involved, frontline officers deployed a conductive energy weapon (CEW)," said Henderson in an email response, adding that two people were arrested, but later released from custody.

"As with all CEW deployments by police officers with Richmond RCMP, this matter is subject to mandatory reporting and supervisory review to ensure it was within the guidelines of established policy and officer training."

No significant injuries were reported at the time and the investigation is still ongoing.

Richmond RCMP is requesting the owner of the video to come forward with the raw, unedited footage to help with the investigation by calling 604-278-1212 quoting file number 22-14039.

Many people commented on both TikTok and Reddit, where the videos were posted, that the police handled the situation "really well."

"A lot of people would rag on the cops or call out brutality for something like this, but when someone of that physical stature starts becoming aggressive - posturing and yelling and screaming, sometimes de-escalation isn't possible," said one Reddit user.

Some users even said "careful what you wish for."