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What are these new meeting pods at Richmond Public Library?

New improvements are coming to the Brighouse library and community input is needed for RPL's 2024-2028 strategy.

Big improvements are coming to Richmond Public Library's (RPL) Brighouse branch later this month.

New meeting pods in the Brighouse Library caught the attention of many community members on Friday morning, including the Richmond News.

The pods are currently under final testing, according to a sign, and stuffed bears and rabbits can be seen having some serious discussions inside.

"As you can see, some special RPL team members are still putting these meeting pods through 'rigorous testing,'" reads the sign.

The meeting pods are part of the new spaces and services that will be launched at the library later this month, RPL told the News.

Other improvements will include a renovated lobby space on the ground floor, booths where community members can plug in their electronic devices and a laptop kiosk.

Apart from introducing these new spaces, the City of Richmond is also conducting a survey to help plan RPL's 2024 to 2028 strategy.

Community members are invited to give their feedback on how the library fits into their lives and their community at between now and Feb. 25.

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