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Video: Small boat washes up on rocks at Garry Point Park

Richmond RCMP at the scene with the tilted boat
Tipped boat in Steveston
A fishing boat was found tipping over near the Steveston Fisherman's Memorial on May 17.

What appears to be a small boat with crab or prawn traps on it was found on the rocks at Garry Point Park Thursday afternoon.

In a video taken by Twitter user Climate Watcher, the boat can be seen around 4:15 p.m. tilting at a 45-degree angle up against the rocky area near the Steveston Fisherman’s Memorial.

A couple people can be seen standing on land staring at the tilting boat. Ropes are tied to the boat and onto small cement-like pillars that are on land, which are presumably used to prevent the boat from completely tipping over.

It is unknown if it was due to the windy weather conditions that caused the boat to tip.

Richmond RCMP officers are at the scene, according to Twitter posts.

The Richmond News has reached out to RCMP for more information.