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Steveston community welcomes first free yarn library

Although the yarn library is a first for Richmond, five are spread around Vancouver. 
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Richmond community activist Karina Reid said this yarn library is a community effort.

If you’re passionate about fiber arts, or just love spinning yarn to find peace of mind, you might be interested in a little yarn library that has just popped up in Steveston.

Much like the little free libraries for books that are dotted around communities, the yarn version at 3871 Moncton St. in Steveston is stocked with knitting supplies, needles and pattern books.

The yarn library was set up last week by Richmond community activist Karina Reid, with help from other community members.

Paula Lindner, owner of Baaad Anna’s Yarn Store on East Hastings Street in Vancouver, provided all materials for the library and hopes the little box could work as a community hub to keep people feeling connected and supported.

“People are turning to fiber arts as a means of therapy and finding ways to empty their heads in a time of change and uncertainty,” said Lindner.

“People are learning fiber arts and using the new medium to express themselves,” said Lindner, adding that the yarn library can also help people realize how accessible fiber arts can be. 

Although the library is a first for Richmond, five are spread around Vancouver. 

Reid said she came across an article several months ago featuring yarn libraries appearing in Metro Vancouver. 

Inspired by this idea, Reid called out on Facebook to invite other Richmondites to join in.

She said local carpenters donated pieces of wood and some offered to build the little library’s door. 

“This yarn library is a perfect addition to Steveston’s neighbourhood because there is another small book lending box in the same area. It also turns Steveston into a walking storybook with information, experiences and community,” said Reid. 

To donate to the library, drop off materials or equipment at Steveston’s yarn library or Baaad Anna’s Yarn Store. 

There is an online resource guide featuring the exact locations of fiber boxes, where to get resources and how to apply for a community grant.