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Seniors can join free nature walk and online webinar to celebrate Seniors Week

The first week of June in British Columbia is declared Seniors' Week.
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People are invited to join Richmond Nature Park through a webinar on June 13 to discover different types of hummingbirds in B.C.

Richmond Nature Park will launch a series of free activities throughout June to celebrate the upcoming Seniors’ Week. 

Each year, the first week of June in B.C is declared Seniors’ Week, which is designated to salute the province’s millions of people who are over the age of 65. 

Seniors can join others to wander through two kilometres of nature trail followed by a tour of the Nature House on June 9. 

They can also attend a hummingbird homecoming webinar on June 13 to discover different types of hummingbirds in B.C. 

Angela Soon, a community facilities coordinator from Richmond Nature Park, told the Richmond News that she and other colleagues had spent weeks preparing for the online presentation.

“We have been working quite hard to look for photos. We wanted to make sure those photos were taken by people working in the area, instead of from somewhere else,” said Soon. 

Hummingbirds usually migrate north in the spring and start to arrive in the Southern United States in February and as far north as Alaska in May. In fall, they will fly to the Rocky Mountains and later will fly all the way south to Mexico and California. 

Soon added that they had placed some hummingbird feeders in the park back in April, which attracted not only the birds, but also got a lot of photographers coming down to capture photos. 

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