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Richmond’s most dangerous intersections for pedestrians

There are a few crosswalks in Richmond that Richmondite John Lloyd would rather walk a mile to avoid.
John Loyld said there are a few crosswalks in Richmond he would rather walk a mile to avoid.

It’s not easy being a pedestrian in Richmond, according to one senior who has been navigating the city’s intersections for almost forty years.

John Lloyd said he has walked through the city centre a lot, along Alderbridge Way and Westminster Highway for example. But there are a few crosswalks he would rather walk a mile to avoid.

Lloyd met with the Richmond News reporter at No. 3 Road and Alderbridge Way, which he claims is one of Richmond’s most dangerous intersections. ICBC’s interactive map shows 62 accidents involving pedestrians in 2019 at that spot.

“The scary part is when you walk on the crosswalk and cars keep coming even though the pedestrian light is on. You have to be very careful and look in all directions, which is hard, especially when the weather makes it dark,” said Lloyd, adding that lots of drivers don’t bother stopping at all.

Some drivers in Richmond also rush to turn left on a yellow light without yielding to the pedestrians, noted Lloyd. To be safer, he would rather wait for a few seconds every time before crossing, even when the pedestrian light is activated.

In addition to No. 3 Road and Alderbridge Way, Lloyd also list several junctions which he considers high risk, such as No. 3 and Saunders Rds., Blundell and No. 4 Rds., and Alderbridge and Garden City.

According to ICBC, the top five intersection for crashes involving pedestrians in 2019 in Richmond are:

1.      Alderbridge Way and Kwantlen Street (4)

2.       Bennett Road and No. 3 Road (3)

3.       Cook Road and No. 3 Road and Mall Access (3)

4.      Cooney Road, Lansdowne Road and Mall Access (3)

5.       Granville Ave. and Minoru Blvd. (3)

Lloyd’s List

1.       No. 3 Road and Alderbridge Way

2.       No. 3 Road and Saunders Road

3.       Blundell Road and No. 4 Road

4.       Alderbridge Way and Garden City Road

Top 5 Collision-Prone Intersections in Richmond (crashes of all types)

1: Shell Road and Alderbridge Way 

2: Sea Island Way and Garden City Road 

3: No. 2 Road and Westminister Hwy 

4: No. 4 Road and Alderbridge Way 

5: Westminster Hwy and No. 5 Road