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Richmond’s Golden Village rated the happiest neighbourhood for food lovers

What's your favourite neighourhood in Richmond?
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Richmond's Golden Village was ranked as the happiest neighborhood for foodies.

Food and happiness go hand in hand, which is why Richmond’s Golden Village was rated one of B.C.’s happiest neighbourhoods, according to an annual survey.

The Properly Happiness Index, an annual report conducted by Properly and Maru/Blue, surveyed 1,624 residents (aged over 18 years old) in both British Columbia and Ontario last month to see which characteristics of their communities bring them the most joy and then ranked the top neighborhoods based on their proximity to each.

The survey found that the happiest neighbourhoods featured a number of “happy indicators,” such as being close to outdoor space, community centers, as well as having a good array of places to eat and drink.

Richmond’s Golden Village landed at the top of the list for the neighbourhood with the easiest access to the most food options, followed by Windsor in Burnaby and Downtown Vancouver in third. Vancouver’s West End came in fourth followed by Grandview-Woodland which placed fifth. 

Keturah Tam, property real estate agent with Properly, said Golden Village is the perfect blend of different cultures with a focus on celebrating Asian culture in particular. 

“There are so many local businesses that offer an array of different specialties, which means you don’t need to travel far in Golden Village to get a diversity of tastes and experiences.”

“50 per cent of the survey respondents say living close to ample restaurants, bars and coffee shops is crucial. Food and happiness go hand in hand. 

“When you eat or drink something delicious, your brain releases dopamine-aka-the “happy hormone” - which ultimately means that living near lots of food can improve your mood,” according to a media statement released by Properly, a Canadian tech-enabled real estate brokerage. 

The survey also found that 62 per cent of residents of Metro Vancouver are happy with where they live, and 74 per cent think easier access to activities that promote a healthy lifestyle significantly impact their level of happiness.

Meanwhile, more than half of survey respondents said having cultural or social ties to their neighourhoods is also essential in boosting their joy.