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Richmondite finds a lost bag from the 90s and its contents reveal a family’s history

A Richmondite found a leather bag filled with documents that tell part of Richmond’s history.

A Richmondite never thought she would be a treasure hunter in her own house.

Granted, she didn’t find a chest full of money and jewels, but Amanda Aron Chimanovitch said she did find a curious bag filled with “historical documents which tell part of Richmond’s history” – if you can call the 1990s history.

Chimanovitch, who has been living in a rented townhouse on Williams Rd for almost a year, was surprised to discover a big leather bag hiding behind the boiler at her home. 

Pulling the bag out of the small, dark corner, Chimanovitch carefully opened it and saw more than 20 pieces of paper and binders stuffing in the bag, including a guidebook on how to use a cordless phone in the 1990s, a menu from a Japanese sushi eatery and a handwritten feast menu ordered by Mrs. Ng from an Asian restaurant.

“Look at the price of the sushi - the brunch boat cost $30 for four people to share at that time. I guess these documents are from the 1990s,” said Chimanovitch, adding that some papers were written in Chinese. 

“Although it has been long forgotten, I don’t feel comfortable throwing them away before trying to find the owner.  I think this bag tells a family’s story, which is also part of Richmond’s history.” 

Chimanovitch later posted her “mysterious findings” on the Community of Richmond Facebook group to ask the public for help. 

Some people on Facebook suggested Chimanovitch take the bag to the museum. Chimanovitch said if the bag owner doesn’t contact her in the next few months, she will do so.

“It’s very rare to find such things at your home. These documents might be important and valuable memories for the family. I hope the bag owner will recognize the bag and take it home,” said Chimanovitch.