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Richmondite captures beauty of murals to bring community together

Richmondite Winston Sayson spent most of his leisure time driving around Richmond to capture the beauty of mural art.

What do you plan to do when you retire? 

Richmondite Winston Sayson, a former Crown prosecutor, has a solution.

He spends most of his time driving around Metro Vancouver capturing on camera the beauty of local murals. 

Every time Sayson shares his photographs on local community Facebook groups, he is overwhelmed with positive feedback. 

For example, he recently shared photos featuring Richmond's latest mural work on the Community of Richmond Facebook group, soliciting hundreds of likes from group members within a day. 

In one of the murals, displayed at Thompson Elementary, three tigers are depicted on the school's front wall to represent the school motto - thinking, learning and caring, with people.

For Sayson, who didn't get interested in murals until he retired, it's no secret that the paintings make our neighbourhoods beautiful and bring the whole community together. 

"Not everybody can afford to visit museums or art galleries, but murals are always accessible and free for our community members to enjoy," said Sayson, who was on his way to Chinatown to snap some photos of murals while talking to the Richmond News. 

"We also live in a concrete jungle filled with multiple glass towers. So when we have something as colorful and fabulous as murals, it really refreshes our tired souls."

However, Sayson noted that more photos showcasing the latest mural work in Richmond are expected to come out, including one mural that is still in progress at the Gateway Theatre.