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Richmond trick-or-treater ends up in hospital after eating THC candy

Only one child out of a group ate THC candy after being out on Halloween on Monday night.
Richmond RCMP say a child ate candy containing THC on Halloween from a package that looked like other popular candy.

Richmond RCMP are warning parents to check candy labels carefully after an 11-year-old child accidentally ate some candy containing THC this Halloween.

The child had been trick-or-treating in a complex in the 10000 block of Auburn Drive in Richmond (near Shell Road), according to the RCMP.

When she became sick, the parents checked the candy wrapper, and, realizing she had eaten candy containing THC, took her to the hospital. Worried that other candy with THC had been handed out, they reported the incident to police.

The child was trick or treating with other friends inside of the complex, however, no other children from the group found THC candies with their treats.

THC is the active ingredient in cannabis.

“While we hope this was not an intentional incident, we felt it was important to issue this public warning in the hopes of preventing any other child from inadvertently consuming a THC candy based product,” said Cpl. Adriana O’Malley, media relations officer with Richmond RCMP.

“As parents we are urged to check our children’s candy to ensure it's sealed and hasn’t been tampered with, but we may not be looking for candies containing THC. We are urging all parents to take that extra few minutes to ensure you read the labels carefully as well as tell your children what to look for on the label so that no other child is affected.”

The 11-year-old is recovering and doing well, O'Malley told the Richmond News.

Based on the police investigation, this appears to be an isolated incident as no other reports have been received.

O'Malley said the complex is one where a lot of people leave out bowls of candy instead of handing it out at the door. There's no video surveillance footage from the complex, according to police.

If anyone else finds THC-based candy among their children’s treats, they are asked to contact Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212.