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Richmond resident warning of roaming huskies in neighbourhood

Other dog owners told Ken Hui they, too, have been attacked by the huskies in the Cambie neighbourhood
A Richmond News reader is concerned for the safety of children and pets after his dog was attacked by a pair of roaming huskies on the weekend

A Richmond dog owner is warning residents to be wary of a pair of dangerous, husky-type dogs roaming the Cambie neighbourhood.

Ken Hui contacted the Richmond News after he and his dog, Jay – a golden doodle – were attacked by the huskies on Saturday afternoon on Cunningham Drive, close to Garden City and Cambie roads.

Hui said the dogs made a B-line for them and tried to lunge at Jay.

Luckily, he made so much noise, along with a couple driving past who honked and yelled, that the huskies ran away.

“The (huskies) continued to walk down the sidewalk through the path from Cunningham drive to Cambie Road,” described Hui, who said he was quite stunned.

“After I got home, I walked around the neighbourhood trying to see if any person (an owner) found the huskies and would be walking them home.

“But there was none. Instead, when I tried to warn other dog walkers, they shared their harrowing experience with similar encounters with unleashed and unaccompanied huskies roaming the neighbourhood surrounding the Talmey neighbourhood Park.”

Hui said he is worried about the safety of other people, their dogs, children and for drivers having to take evasive action when the dogs walk across the road.

He has reported the incident to the BCSPCA, which is responsible for animal control in the city. They told him they would investigate the incident.