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Letters: Keep your dogs on leash

A Richmond News reader wants to remind dog-walkers that not all areas are off-leash
Dog on leash
Not all areas in Richmond are off-leash areas, a Richmond News reader writes.

Dear Editor,

Just a gentle reminder to all the dog-walkers out there: the trail from the No. 3 Road doggy park that travels east around the Crown Packaging plant to Garden City Road is not an off-leash area. 

Neither is Garry Point or the West Dyke!

However, it appears that many people either don’t realize this or pay any attention to the signage.

Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before there’s an “incident,” as these areas, particularly Garry Point, are heavily used by pedestrians, cyclists and young families. 

Not everyone wants to be greeted by an over-enthusiastic, off-leash hound.

I experienced this myself a while back when an off-leash standard poodle lunged at my bike, causing it to skid on the gravel and dump me on the side of the trail.

Please let’s make our open spaces safe and enjoyable for everyone, before someone gets hurt.

Carlie Holland