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Richmond organization holds virtual event to tackle post-partum depression

A Richmond-based grassroots organization will host an event on Wednesday to raise awareness related to post-partum depression.
post-partum depression
Community Mental Wellness Association of Canada (CMWAC) will host a free virtual event this Wednesday.

Raising kids presents a lot of joy for parents but it can also lead to more stress. For mothers who might feel the downside of being a new parent, a Richmond-based grassroots organization is trying to raise awareness and decrease stigma related to post-partum depression through personal conversations. 

Community Mental Wellness Association of Canada (CMWAC), a local not-for-profit aimed at empowering people with mental illnesses, will host a free virtual event this Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8: 30 p.m. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a trigger point. For people who are struggling with their internal trauma and mental illnesses, COVID-19 (could push) you over the edge,” said Richmondite Crystal Chan, a board member of CMWAC, who initiated the personal conversations on the topic of post-partum depression. 

Chan struggled with post-partum depression herself and was filled with immense stress and anxiety when she had her first child in 2018. She was angry, disappointed and upset with herself for being unable to cope with the emotions and changes around her.

However, she considers herself lucky since she was able to receive support and resources in time. 

“Thankfully, the nurses at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) gave me the necessary assistance and resources to help me cope and motivated me to move forward,” said Chan. 

Three years into parenthood, Chan talked with some of her mom friends and realized there are many mothers out there who are silently struggling with post-partum depression.

Especially among second-generation Asian immigrants, having depression is labelled as “dysfunctional” due to cultural stigma. 

“The thing is many mommies aren’t able to get the kind of resources I got during the pandemic, which makes the situation so much harder. That’s why I decided to (promote the) talk,” said Chan. 

Susan Deng, a stay-at-home mother, will share her personal experiences fighting post-partum depression and how she coped with it.

Mothers who are dealing with the baby blues, mothers who have experienced post-partum depression and want to speak up and share their experiences and future mothers who want to be well informed are welcome to join the virtual event.

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