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Richmond martial arts students breaking boards to break oppression

The Richmond kids will put on a fundraising board-breaking show at Lansdowne Centre
Students from Richmond Martial Arts will raise money for Martial Arts For Justice next week

A Richmond organization will be breaking boards next week, in a bid to help break the cycle of oppression and slavery.

Richmond Martial Arts is hosting “Breaking Boards Breaking Chains” at Lansdowne Centre on Saturday, May 28.

The event, say organizers, will bring together martial arts students for a public display of board-breaking, while “raising awareness of the problems of violence and oppression around the world.”

Breaking Boards, Breaking Chains gives students the chance to collect pledges for each board they break, with 100 per cent of the proceeds sent directly to Martial Arts for Justice, a Canadian charitable organization that seeks justice for victims of violent oppression.

“Many martial arts schools include statements such as being ‘Champions of Freedom and Justice’ in their student oaths, or creed, making participation in the Breaking Boards Breaking Chains campaign a natural fit,” said Martial Arts for Justice president Dean Siminoff.

Making a difference for those in need

“We believe in making a difference and standing up for those in need.

“We believe, together, we can build a more peaceful world. Martial arts schools are literally making a difference in the world.

“We’re thrilled to have this school participate and to see these students taking part in something they believe in.”

Martial Arts for Justice is an alliance of martial artists and school owners who choose to actively pursue justice, locally and globally.

The Richmond event, which includes martial arts demonstrations, kicks off at noon on May 28 and the general public is welcomed and encouraged to attend and show support for the students.