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Richmond infinity gallery is a dream for Instagrammers and selfie-lovers

Richmond's only "infinity" room just relocated last week with 16 immersive installations this time.

Many years ago, we visited art galleries to enjoy the beauty of art without taking photos. 

The art curator would often tell people to refrain from using flashlights that could damage the artwork. 

Fast forward to today, and millennials and Generation Z won’t show up at the entrance to a gallery unless they’re allowed to brandish their phones or high-end cameras. 

That’s how it’s playing out inside Richmond’s only “infinity” – the Moon and Back Gallery where Instagrammers and selfie-lovers are in heaven.

After moving to a new location in Richmond with 9,000 sq. ft., the Moon and Back Gallery will bring 16 immersive installations to visitors this time. 

The year-long exhibition will allow people to immerse themselves in kaleidoscopic rooms where the viewer is endlessly reflected with landscapes, lightings or designs, such as 2,000 LED lights and endless flowers. 

If you are a bubble-tea lover, you are in the right place because there is an infinity room featuring an eight-foot-tall bubble teacup - thanks to the first-ever collaboration between the gallery and Chatime, a Taiwanese global franchise teahouse chain. 

The idea of an infinity room originally came from Yayoi Kusama, an 89-year-old Japanese contemporary artist who spent the past 41 years living voluntarily in a psychiatric hospital to find inspiration. 

Tickets are $38.99 for adults and $24.99 for children age four to 11, and can be bought online and at the gallery.

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