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Richmond high school students get lessons in road safety

Parents are encouraged to talk to their teenagers about being safe behind the wheel.
The Richmond RCMP were at Hugh Boyd secondary in late May to talk about being safe on the roads.

Richmond RCMP were recently at Hugh Boyd secondary talking to students about how to be safe on the road.

The May 31 event was put on in collaboration with ICBC and other community partners and first responders, to promote road safety awareness among high school students as they approach graduation and the milestone of obtaining their driver’s licenses.

More than 500 students took part in the event where Richmond RCMP Community Engagement Team, Youth Intervention Unit, and Road Safety Unit conducted activities such as impaired vision goggle tests to show the effects of impairment on driving abilities.

"Your decisions behind the wheel have far-reaching consequences," said Richmond RCMP Insp. Mark Baxter. "Making smart, safe choices is essential not only for your safety but also for the safety of everyone else on the road."

Encouraging parental involvement

Richmond RCMP noted the importance of parental involvement in reinforcing road safety education at home.

They encourage parents and caregivers to have regular conversations with their teens about the responsibilities that come with driving.

Parents are encouraged to discuss the dangers of impaired and distracted driving; set clear rules and expectations about safe driving behaviours; and lead by example by practicing safe driving behaviour themselves.

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