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Richmond girl caught director's eye, bagged screen debut

If youre going to the movies any time soon, keep an eye out for a special appearance from a very lucky Richmond girl.

If youre going to the movies any time soon, keep an eye out for a special appearance from a very lucky Richmond girl.

Mamie Laverock made her screen debut on the weekend if only for one scene when the new Reece Wetherspoon flick, This Means War, hit the theatres.

The seven-year-old Anderson elementary students big break came last fall while she, her sister Laiken, 6, and their moms partner, Rob Compton, were all on the set of the movie as booked extras while it was being filmed in south Vancouver.

The spy spoofs director know only as McG spotted Mamie among the extras and asked her to come back the next day and join the cast on set.

Within 24 hours, she was being handed her first lines and was being filmed in a dining room scene along with Wetherspoon.

Although her part wasnt big enough to be invited to the Hollywood premiere, she bagged her first film credit.

And to make last weekends big release even more special, her family decided to create a premiere of their own, right here in Richmond at the Riverport Cineplex.

We wanted to take her to the movie to make it very special for her, said mom Nicole Rockmann.

I think this is a great accomplishment for a local Richmond girl.

We didnt want to just wear jeans, so we made her a dress and we had our own little premiere for her.

Rockmann said that, during the filming, Mamie sat next to Reece Wetherspoon in the dining room scene, unaware she was brushing with stardom.

She met Reece, but she had no idea who Reece was at the time, added Rockmann.

It wasnt until we got home and I showed her some clips from the Internet that she realized who shed been working with.

Until they got the word through last week, Mamies family was not even sure if shed made the final cut.

We were worried, but we found out she was definitely in it and she was in the credits, which was amazing, said her mom.

Ironically, Rockmann has been trying on and off for most of her adult life to catch a break in the movies.

Ive been trying since I was 16, she said.

I do a lot of extras work and have been trying to break through without any luck. So, for Mamie to achieve this so quickly is wonderful.

Mamie Laverock. Remember the name.