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Richmond businesses among 43 recipients of B.C.’s manufacturing grants

Two local manufacturers received grants from the provincial government to help expand and grow their businesses amid the pandemic.
Two Richmond businesses received grants from the provincial government recently.

Two Richmond businesses have received grants from the B.C. government to help strengthen their operations.

The Accelerating Manufacturing Grants were given to 43 eligible small and medium-sized manufacturers across B.C., including Richmond’s Megatech Distribution Inc. and Arctic Pearl Fishing Ltd, which received $114,863 and $250,000, respectively.

The grants will be used to support innovation and create family-supporting job opportunities in the local manufacturing sector, according to the B.C. government.

“Small and medium manufacturers create good jobs for people here in our community,” said Aman Singh, MLA for Richmond Queensborough.

“These grants recognize local companies that have put in the work to develop a solid plan to grow. The funding will help them achieve those goals so that they can create more opportunities for people in Richmond.”

The grants are part of B.C.’s Economic Recovery Plan to help businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.