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Renowned Chinese band brings Mongolian rock music to Richmond

Hanggai blends traditional Mongolian music with modern punk rock styles in Richmond concert

Hanggai, an Inner Mongolian folk music band that has millions of fans in China and worldwide, will perform in Richmond on Friday.

The band, which consists of eight members, specializes in a blend of Mongolian folk music and more modern styles such as punk rock. Their songs incorporate traditional Mongolian folk lyrics as well as Mongolian instruments.

The sold-out Hanggai Vancouver concert, hosted by the B.C.-based Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations, will hit the River Rock Show Theatre stage Friday night.

"We were invited to give a performance in Richmond around the Lunar New Year and have seen great enthusiasm among the local audiences," Ilich, leader of the band, told the Richmond News.  

"We have been dedicated to showing traditional Chinese music and Inner-Mongolian music to people around the world. We paused international performances due to the pandemic, and are glad to resume it and present it to Canadian audiences at this time."

The band was founded in 2004 and became known nationwide in China after winning the championship of the reality talent show Sing My Song

The term "Hanggai" is a Mongolian word referring to a world encompassing blue sky, white clouds, grasslands, rivers, mountains and forests.

Ilich said the Richmond concert will not focus on any "hit songs," but they will present an immersive music show for the audience.

"Every song is part of the performance and every section has its highlights. We will let the audience immerse in our music," he said.

Recording next album on Vancouver Island

Hurizha, lead vocal for the band, said he has enjoyed his stay in Richmond, especially the authentic Chinese food in the city.

"There is so much great Chinese food here in Richmond and it's as authentic as the food in China. And people here are very friendly and welcoming, making us feel at home," he said.

Yilalata, lead vocalist and guitarist, said he has been impressed with the air quality and pleasant weather here in Richmond.

After the concert, the band will head to Gibsons on Vancouver Island till mid-March to record its next album with the Farms Studio. 

The team said the natural landscape in Vancouver is similar to that in Inner Mongolia, making it a great place for them to focus on music production.

"We will be recording on the islands, in the forest, which gives us a great environment to create and sparks inspiration," said Hurizha.

"And with minimal external interference, we will be able to spend time together everyday and focus on the music."

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