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Nikka Fishing and Marine closing its doors

Closure puts yet another nail in the coffin for the local fishing industry

A landmark Steveston fishing supplies shop will be closing its doors next month, putting yet another nail in the coffin of the village's fishing industry.

After 60 years of providing commercial and sport fishers with the likes of rods, lures, downriggers, buoys, engines parts and everything in between, Nikka Fishing and Marine will close, effective Oct. 31.

Manager Ellis Miyashita said he and 14 other shareholders came to the decision that it was time to move on; they will clear out inventory and sell the building the company has owned and operated in.

At the shop, Miyashita is handing out letters to his customers to inform them of the closure:

“We have an aging ownership base, which desires to use their interest in the business to enrich their retirement and the lives of their families.

“We know that many of you relied on us for your supplies and that our closing will leave a void in the industry,” said the statement.

Miyashita said the decision wasn’t necessarily the result of the decline of the fishing industry.

“Certainly the commercial industry is hurting but the recreational is up and down,” he said.

Miyashita said the shareholders are open to offers if anyone is interested in purchasing Nikka, located on Moncton Street at Second Avenue.

There will soon be just two places to buy a fishing rod in Steveston: Pacific Net and Twine and Steveston Marine and Hardware.


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