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New Richmond bus route could get dedicated lane

A 10-year plan includes several future rapid transit routes through the new George Massey Tunnel.

A new bus route, called the “R7,” could connect one of the Canada Line Stations in Richmond to the Expo Line on a still unidentified route.

This “Bus Rapid Transit” (BRT) is meant to be fast, frequent and reliable, explained TransLink CEO Kevin Quinn, with dedicated bus lanes and transit signal priority.

He pointed out bus lanes, which take over a lane previously used by cars, are the most effective way to deliver rapid transit service.

“We appreciate that that entails trade-offs with general traffic,” Quinn said. “We note that those trade-offs combined with rapid service and amenities are aligned with Richmond (Official Community Plan) goals to increase traffic mode share.”

Quinn was presenting these plans to Richmond city council this week in anticipation of a 10-year plan going to TransLink's Mayors' Council for approval this summer.

Quinn pointed out the plan is to double local bus service over the next 10 years in the region.

Other proposed Richmond bus routes could go to Terra Nova park and along Blundell within the next five years.

The Blundell neighbourhood and Terra Nova Regional Park are two of 20 Metro Vancouver areas identified as needing local transit in the proposed 10-year plan.

The plan also includes creating “express corridors” through the yet-to-be-built new George Massey crossing, which will include dedicated transit lanes both ways.

The plan also touts "express corridors" using the new eight-lane tunnel from Bridgeport Station to White Rock and from Bridgeport Station to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal.

Other express corridors are planned from Brighouse Station to Newton and Brighouse Station to 22nd Street Station in New Westminster, going via Queensborough.