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New child care resource website launched by Richmond organization

Child care services, referrals and resources for parents and providers
Child Care resources
A new website with a list of resources, services and training for Richmond parents and child care providers.

A program run by Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives (RCRG) has launched a new website with child care resources for families and local providers.

The Richmond Child Care Resource and Referral Centre (CCRR), a program run by RCRG and based out of the Richmond Caring Place, is highlight a list of services and resources for parents, early learning professionals and anyone who work or have interest in the child care field.

CCRR’s website offers free child care referral service as well as help parents apply for B.C.’s Affordable Child Care Benefit.

While the CCRR website has its own, separate referral database, the website also includes a child care map that is maintained by the City of Richmond, which allows parents to find child care facilities near their home or place of work.

The interactive map includes several shapes representing different child care license types:

  • Red Circles - Group Child Care (Under 36 Months)
  • Green Circles - Group Child Care (3 - 5)
  • Yellow Triangles - Preschool
  • Blue Circles - Group Child Care (School Age)
  • Blue Octagons - Family Child Care
  • Pink Pentagons - Multi-Age Child Care
  • Gold Pentagons - In-Home Multi-Age Child Care

Meanwhile, those looking for job opportunities can also check the website’s “job board” or attend professional development workshops.

Home-based providers can also find training, support and resources to operate as Registered License-Not-Required daycares –  unlicensed care providers, but must be registered with a CCRR in order to operate.

“The CCRR’s mission is to promote and support quality child care,” says Jocelyn Wong, general manager of RCRG.

“A big part of that is ensuring families have access to the best information, so they fully understand their child care options.” 

She added that child care providers have “one of the most important jobs” and that the program and resources aim to “help them grow as professionals” and create a safe early learning space for kids.

The Richmond Child Care Resource and Referral Centre has been operating since the early 1990s.