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More bike lanes, wider walkways proposed for Steveston Village

Richmond city staff are recommending removing 17 parking spots on Bayview Street to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.
Temporary walkways were put in place on Bayview Street last summer.

More cycling lanes and wider pedestrian lanes could be coming to Chatham and Bayview streets in Steveston at a cost of about $10 million.

Last summer’s temporary road changes on Bayview Street resulted in complaints to the City of Richmond about conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians, so city staff are recommending Richmond council approve a plan to remove 17 parking spots and have separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrians.

The temporary lanes were put in on the south side of Bayview last summer during the height of the pandemic.

The plan also includes expanded pedestrian lanes and new cycling lanes on Chatham Street, but this wouldn’t require removing any parking spots.

Funding for the pedestrian and cycling lanes on these two streets could come from grants, developer charges or the city’s capital budget.

In its report to council, which will be dealt with at next week’s planning meeting, staff state these proposed changes are to “reduce reliance on private auto trips to the Village.”

City staff aren’t recommending any changes to Moncton Street, however. 

The city received feedback - after some temporary road changes were made last summer - that there was a “strong desire” to keep the street the same as it’s been for the past 40 years.