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Voter turnout highest in Steveston, Thompson/West Richmond

Overall turnout in the May 29 Richmond byelection was about 10 per cent.
Click on polling stations to see how many voters cast a ballot at each location.

McMath and Burnett secondary schools were the most popular election day polls in the recent Richmond byelection.

Of the total number of ballots cast – 13,002 – about 12.6 per cent were cast at McMath secondary in Steveston on May 29, election day.

The second highest was Burnett secondary, located in the Thompson/West Richmond area, where 1,105 people cast a ballot on election day.

By contrast, only 253 voters cast a ballot at the Hamilton polling station on May 29.

In the end, Andy Hobbs topped the polls and won a seat on Richmond city council with 3,095 votes, about 23.8 per cent of all ballots cast, followed by Jonathan Ho with 2,785 votes, about 21.5 per cent, and, in third place, Karina Reid with 2,767 votes, about 21.3 per cent.

While Hobbs won the overall number of votes, Karina Reid garnered the most votes – 510 - in the McMath election day poll, whereas Hobbs received 454 votes.

Ho only received 137 votes in the McMath election day poll, but received the most mail-in ballots, 469 votes, and garnered more support from central Richmond polls, with 261 at Burnett and 256 at Richmond secondary.

In this byelection, all Richmond voters were able to vote by mail because of the COVID-19 pandemic, something previously reserved for people with mobility issues and those who would be absent during the election period.

City staff estimated the mail-in portion would add about $150,000 to the election budget. In the end, 1,895 mail-in ballots were cast, which comprised about 14.6 per cent of the vote.

The city released its poll by poll results on Thursday.

About 10 per cent of registered voters cast a ballot in the byelection to replace Kelly Greene who was elected to the B.C. legislature in the fall.

The total byelection budget was set at $716,000.