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Members of popular Hong Kong boy band 'Mirror' arrive in YVR

Mirror's Lokman Yeung and Anson Kong will be auditioning North American contestants for the hit Hong Kong reality show, King Maker.

Around 100 fans showed up at Vancouver International Airport Wednesday night to welcome two popular Hong Kong idols to the city.

Lokman Yeung and Anson (AK) Kong of the popular Canto-pop boy group Mirror arrived in Vancouver last night to film for the hit Hong Kong idol reality show titled "King Maker."

Despite a busy schedule, the duo had a heartwarming reunion with their Canadian fans, who came prepared with signs and gifts, at the airport.

Loklok Chau, who was one of the many fans at the airport, said she was "thrilled and happy and excited" for Yeung and Kong to "finally" visit Vancouver.

"I could tell that (Kong) and (Yeung) were very happy and surprised to see us there," she said.

"(Kong) was holding his camera filming us all the way, trying to remember our happy faces."

Chau, who has been a fan of Yeung for more than two years, said the fans were all "very cooperative and well-behaved," and they hope the duo will have "a pleasant stay in Vancouver."

Yeung and Kong were participants in the first season of "King Maker" back in 2018, where they formed a 12-member act, Mirror, with their fellow contestants.

For the first time since the show's conception, the reality show will include contestants from North America and Malaysia. The North American auditions are currently being held in Vancouver, with Yeung and Kong as judges.

Yeung and Kong will be appearing at Richmond's Aberdeen Centre at 2 p.m. next Saturday (Dec. 10) where they will be introducing the North American contestants set to compete in the fifth season of "King Maker."