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Fans of Hong Kong pop-star Keung host exhibit in Richmond

Canto-pop is making a comeback, according to fan club member
The exhibit coming up at Aberdeen Centre

Adoration for a Hong Kong pop star is bringing fans from around the Lower Mainland to Richmond’s Aberdeen Centre this weekend.

The fan club, Keung Show Canada Candies, are hosting a two-day exhibit to show their appreciation and love for Keung To, a member of the Hong Kong boy band Mirror.

The show will include a photo exhibit of the pop star, life-sized cut outs for photo opportunities, professional and fan-made music videos as well as souvenirs.

Aimee Yeung, a Richmond resident and representative of the club, said the exhibit is an opportunity for fans to gather and celebrate the artist and the band’s third anniversary since debuting.

“Being part of the fan club has connected me to other people who share the same interest as me across the country,” said Yeung, adding that this is the first fan club she has ever joined.

“I never thought of myself to be a person to talk to someone I’ve never met in Singapore and be able to connect with them on something, or someone in this case, that I’m super interested in.”

Yeung told the Richmond News the entire display will be set up and paid for by members of the fan club.

“We hope we can connect with people who are unaware of our fan club and are interested in supporting Keung To and Mirror. And for those who don’t know who they are, I hope this can give them a glimpse of what Cantonese pop music is like.”

According to Yeung, Cantonese pop, or Canto-pop, has been neglected for the past several years but Mirror is turning that around.

“I think a lot of people stopped listening to Canto-pop because there’s not been much to pay attention to and with the rise of K-pop, which took over the music world.

“But with Mirror, we hope -- no, we know, that attention to Canto-pop will come back.”

The Keung To third year anniversary exhibit will be at Aberdeen Centre on Nov. 13 and 14 from 12 to 6 p.m.

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