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Man faces 24 charges including identity, mail theft in Richmond

A list of charges have been laid in connection with alleged crimes in Richmond, Cranbrook, Vancouver and Kamloops.
Richmond Provincial Court

Identify and mail theft, fraud and illegally possessing weapons are among the 24 charges a man is facing, with many of the alleged crimes taking place in Richmond.

Some of the crimes allegedly committed by Christopher Birkbeck, between September and December 2020, took place in Vancouver, Cranbrook and Kamloops, but the lion’s share are in Richmond.

The list of charges include theft over $5,000 after Birkbeck allegedly stole a GMC Sierra Truck from Devon Transport Company while doing business as Budget Car Rental.

As for firearms charges, Birkbeck, along with co-accused Richard Yeltatzie, is alleged to have had a firearm without a licence as well as “readily accessible ammunition capable of being discharged in the firearm,” according to court documents.

Other charges against Birkbeck and Yeltatzie are for making or possessing someone else’s identity and using a false identity to commit “fraud, deceit or falsehood” as well as having a key “suited for use by the Canada Post Corporation” and being in possession of stolen mail.

They are also accused of having credit card data that would allow them to use the information to obtain services.

Also charged in conjunction with Birkbeck is Aryon Borovic for making a “false document” and committing forgery.

Birkbeck and Borovic are also charged, along with Michael Ridley, for having another person’s identity documents and a device capable of “forging or falsifying credit cards,” according to court documents.

Birkbeck is scheduled to be in Richmond Provincial Court later this month to fix a date for a trial.