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Letters: Reader thankful for dykes in Richmond

The city should get more praise for its dyking system
Richmond Country Farms was under a few feet of water but the rest of Richmond remained largely intact from the recent floods

Dear Editor,

 It is human nature to complain when things go wrong, we all do it.

However, most are seldom to praise when things go right, and rarely acknowledge success with gratitude.

As I look out at the endless downpours that we continue to experience and think about the residents of the Fraser Valley with homes and farms submerged, their lives in ruin, we have to thank the City of Richmond and the long-gone initial creators of our dyking system.

It is easy to forget Richmond is built well below sea level.

The ruins of the Fraser Valley could just as easily have been ours if not for our dykes and the continued upgrades to keep us safe.

Storm after storm, our dykes have kept us protected and for that we should all be very thankful to the City of Richmond and all who work to maintain a system that, despite our below sea level location, has withstood this enormous test.

Roidon Lamb