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Letters: ICBC's name policy is a joke

A Richmond News reader had to go through the exact same hassle as Sylvie Faucher when coming from Quebec with a Catholic first name they don't use in everyday life
Recent addition to Richmond Sylvie Faucher is fighting ICBC over the use of her two first names

Dear Editor.

Re: “Woman fighting ICBC over use of Catholic names.”

I had exactly the same issue and was forced to legally change my name so I didn’t have to use the name as shown on my birth certificate.  I was born in Manitoba to a Quebecois mother.

I grew up in B.C. and had always used Maryel as my first name on my driver’s licence and all other legal or medical documents. Suddenly ICBC decided I have to start using my name as shown on my birth certificate?! (Marie Clara Maryel)

Utter nonsense! I even had to go to the police station to get finger printed. I sincerely hope she wins her fight!

Maryel Jenvey